Shopping For Inflatable Boats

As many people are already aware, inflatable boats are becoming very popular today. Inflatable boats come in several distinct groups designed for specific uses and are therefore equipped with different components and equipment.

When shopping for a small boat to ferry people and stores from the ship to the shore, a typical inflatable boat is the often the best answer. If a medium sized boat for diving or swimming is what’s needed there are many inflatable boats designed to serve in that area as well. For recreation or rescue work, there are large inflatable boats available that perform admirably.

Dealer Locations

Since travelling a great distance simply to buy an inflatable boat is undesirable, the location of a reputable dealer is very important. Whether parts, repairs, or just technical support is needed, a close dealer will be a great asset. New boat own+K47er may have questions, need to file a claim on the warranty, or just have regular servicing done. Regardless of how it’s viewed, a close dealer is always better than having to travel.


It used to be that inflatable boats were the most expensive types of boats of their size, meaning that only a small amount of people could even afford them. The use of exotic materials and the requirement of the numerous hours of hand labor that went into their construction drove the prices sharply upward.

Today, however, machines are used to do the majority of the construction work. For example, thanks to technology Zodiac and its sister company Sevylor are the leading low cost producers today. It is even possible to finance an inflatable boat if needed, making them affordable to almost every budget.


Competitors in every industry have long struggled with one another and in the process made many claims regarding warranties–some absolutely ludicrous. A few years ago there was a company offering a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately for the customers who believed this, the company disappeared shortly thereafter. Some manufacturers will actually use an attractive warranty as a substitute for quality or even proper boat design.

It is important to keep in mind that the company the boat is purchased from must be around long enough to deliver on their warranty. Zodiac, for instance, has been building inflatable boats for over 50 years and offers a limited 5-year warranty on their inflatable boats. This is a winning combination of realistic warranty and proven company history, making Zodiak one of the best options for inflatable boat purchases today. It’s no surprise they are the primary supplier of inflatable boats for the U.S. Military.

With inflatable boats, as with any boat, a buyer should know which type is wanted before one is purchased. It’s advisable to look around and see what each dealer offers; planning the purchase accordingly once as much as possible has been learned. An inflatable boat is a fantastic resource to have available, particularly for the owners of big ships and vessels. Given how many different applications they’re good for, it’s hard to go wrong with these boats, too.


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